What we offer:

Brand Awareness and Recognition:

It is important to highlight and market distinct qualities of your company to create familiarity and make you top of mind in your respective industry or field. Think about it:

  • When you want coffee – do you say I want a coffee or I want Starbucks?

  • When you need a cotton swab – do you ask for a cotton swab or a Q-Tip?

  • When you need information – do you say I need to browse a search engine or I need to Google?

No matter what your goods or services consist of, Kennedy Rowe strives to distinguish the company from all other similar brands both conceptually and visually in the most unique way.

Content Marketing:

Many will say content marketing is dead in this day and age but think again. Content marketing is beneficial and can be an effective tool if you ask yourself one question – How does my audience of consumers tend to buy my product/service? Is it:

  • Reading in-depth information and facts?

  • Testing samples?

  • Watching live demonstrations?

  • Interactive engagement?

Each company uses different approaches toward content marketing and Kennedy Rowe helps you understand how a consumer solicits your specific good or service and more importantly how to keep them a loyal follower for the long haul.  

Campaign Development:

A PR campaign has been proven time and time again to be more effective than traditional advertising. Why? Simple - PR allows average people to give honest insight on a product or service where as advertising is portrayed through the vision of the company itself and may or may not be true to what the company actually represents. Kennedy Rowe uses traditional and non-traditional ways to engage the right audiences and build honest and true credibility behind the brand.

At the end of the day, if you have a quality service or product that connects with your consumers personal needs or desires, you will win over the hearts of your consumers every time - guaranteed.

Influencer Collaboration:

It’s no secret that celebrity endorsements and collaborations have been tied to many products, companies, and services for decades. It’s helpful and useful because it gives credibility, clout, and sometimes the “cool and trendy” factor to heighten your consumers purchases, interests, and most importantly, their loyalty.

Kennedy Rowe can connect you to the most fitting public figures or notable brands who can drive new audiences and shed a brighter light on your company’s mission and service. Today, we have the new wave of social media influencers who are just as great to utilize as well - which leads into our next PR asset…

Social Media Strategy:

Social media is an extremely crucial tool, if not the most important to a successful PR campaign. Being in an era that is deeply engulfed in the digital wave, social media is necessary because it’s free, resourceful, informative, and directly allows a business to consumer approach on your own terms. It also reaches a specific audience based on social following, user engagement, and consumer analytics. Kennedy Rowe uses a RICH approach toward utilizing your social channels effectively:

R – Research & Resource

I – Invest & Interact

C – Content & Creativity

H – Hashtags

And by following this simple idea, your company will reap RICH results with a brand RICH in consumers and RICH in credibility. 

Event Production:

Whether a launch party, focus group, or small dinner, Kennedy Rowe can assist in the production and development of any event. This can include but not limited to securing a venue, inviting media to attend and cover, hiring event staff such as photographers and servers, or crafting a fun publicity stunt to grab the attention of attendees.

Whatever it is you need, we will do everything in our power to help your event “break the internet”.